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Here my new work.
Is a converter from Oracle to MySQL
If you connect with username 'system' you can create sql files for MySQL db creation and relevant tables, in fact any Oracle user is a MySQL db. You can also choose any user on selected db and wich tables data you want to download for the selected user. Data tables are splitted in more than one file, is depending on table dimension. The actual setting is 500000 records for each file. The first file is named database__user__table_0001.sql and include instruction for truncate table. Others files do not include truncate instruction and the sintax is database__user__table_0002.sql and so on.
When you start data generation a main folder with db name is created on appl main dir, this for any different db.
Inside a db folder is created another folder for each user and on any of this folder the user tables are generated.
In any user folder is also created a file database__user__definition.sql for db and tables creation, when you create tables data a file database__user__batch.bat file is created for uploading all the tables for a selected user. You need to replace inside this batch file <username> and <password> with a correct data for your MySQL db.
If you connect as user and not system it is only possible to download tables data for connected user.
Using VB6 I found problems with blob data, program is crashing. Suggestion for this bug shall be deeply appreciated.
An freeware ocx for flat button is used and is here annexed. Combo and List box of MS Form2 are used.
If it is necessary you can decide to download tables data later, depending on your Oracle db traffic.
Be aware to have enought space in your HD drive when you download bigger db data.
Code is without comment but my time is limited and I cannot do it.
If some files are not included of if you need help do not hesitate to contact me.
Good db conversion!

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