Hoja Electronica Spread Sheet or ElectronicCalc


Based on work of
I add a couple of options
7.. expression VBscrip can solve and create (evaluare) variables or expressions at runtime
sample (213+312)*2.3/112+sin(rad(45))
8. SpreadSheet or ElectronicSheet a mini Electronic calc o sheet this section can make references to defined user functions inner the Script.vbs file
axample: you can enter A1=987987**2
a3=a1*3 and so.
added a this file is a version de 'hojaelec' writen for PseInt, a IDE for learn programmation for beginners.
The Version de pseint requiered tree or four changes:
ejecutar(<string>) executes basically a assignament to variable name: "A1=31323"
evaluacion(<string>) returns a numerical value from a expression evaluacion("A1") must be 31323.
en <line>,<col> defines line an column for position on screen or terminal console of pseint
maybe too support for 'exit' and 'loop' for exit or re.do control structures of pseint
and maybe a change in control of error messages. would be a pause for user. The user must be a chance of choose I)ignore R)etry o C)ancel when an error happend.

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